Inspired Wining

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PPMD is our cause - we'll help you discover yours.


What’s inside a bottle of wine? If you’re an Inspired Winer, you see limitless possibility. We’ll help you discover yours.

Inspired Wining is a non-profit project to support PPMD and to create a movement among communities of women who want to weave more meaning into their lives. Our mission is twofold: to prolong the livelihood of boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and to share a successful model based on the powerful combination of friendships and philanthropy. Right here (and on Twitter, Facebook and at any of our Inspired Wining events ) is where you’ll find inspiration and support as you gather friends around your shared vision to make a difference. In fact, that’s exactly why we wine – to inspire new possibilities for the people and the communities that mean the most to us…and that includes you.

Take a look around our site to learn more about Inspired Wining, and how you can cultivate meaningful opportunities that just might transform your life experience.

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